Atypical Alabama Cross-training (by Carrie)

So… the schools have been closed all week due to the 6-12″ of snow the Tennessee Valley received, as have many area businesses, including mine.  Many of my friends have caught up on cleaning, reading, blogging… but not me!  I’ve been skiing.  Yes, cross-country skiing in Alabama!  It has been absolutely fabulous, and it’s usually a stretch for me to say Alabama and fabulous in the same sentence.  😉  I was happily snowed in with my dad and his wife Sunday night and Monday night and came back home on Wednesday.  Monday morning I woke up before sunrise and skiied down Mooresville Road in Athens, AL for 3.5 hours!!  It was phenomenal.  Unfortunately, the road was plowed on Tuesday, so I skiied the cotton field next to my dad’s house.  Shhhh, don’t tell.  🙂

On Wednesday afternoon the roads were clear enough for me to head up “the hill” (Monte Sano “mountain” State Park) and ski the trails.  It was beyond amazing.  I won’t bore you all with the details of my ski excursions, but if you want to read more please check out my other blog at In terms of triathlon specific training for the week, I was able to spin last night for an hour and do sprints on the treadmill afterwards.  I learned the hard way that the treadmill is the enemy- at least for me… OUCH!  I’ll sprint outside, or not at all from now on.  I swam this morning and it felt pretty good to be back in the pool! Tomorrow I will spin again in the morning and I hope to catch a Power Yoga class after work.  Hopefully the roads are clear enough for a long run on Saturday, as I have 12 miles on the plan.  Sunday will be a 1.5 hour spin inside on the bike.  Part of me wants the snow to melt so I can ride outside and use my new Hammer Nutrition wind jacket and shoe covers!!  Part of me is wimpy and cold.  I’ve definitely been enjoying the “atypical” cross-training this week, and feel lucky that I have my skis to keep me moving!

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