Recap of training during the 2011 Snowpocalypse (by: Carrie)

This weekend brought higher temperatures to the Huntsville area, and the snow is almost gone!  On  my run tonight I noticed that some people are like me and wanted to hold on to the snow as long as they possibly could.  I saw several yards that were entirely free of snow, but their snowman was still there!  I had a fabulous time in the snow, and my training didn’t suffer much as a result.  I was able to get all 3 runs in, though speedwork was inside on the treadmill (NEVER again) and my typical weekend long run occurred tonight.  I managed to fit in all 3 bike sessions, which were all inside on the spin bike with my friend Melissa.  I did miss a swim session last week, only clocking in 2 days out of my planned 3.  It is not uncommon for me to miss a swim session, but swimming is my weakest link so I try to fit in 3 swims a week.  I swam 2800 yards on Thursday, which is farther than I have gone since Ironman Augusta 70.3!  All in all I had a pretty good week two of 2011!

On Saturday I sucked it up and signed up for McKay Hollow Madness.  The new course is an official 25K distance, and the tagline for the race is “When the going gets tough, just quit!”  Need I say more??  After “running” this race last year I swore I’d never sign up again.  I am used to running on the road where I can keep going at a steady pace, not necessarily a fast pace, just steady.  Trail running is a whole other animal, and I need to make a mental shift in order to enjoy the whole trail running experience.  I was inspired to embrace this beast last Saturday after my long run when I ran into a friend at Starbucks who will be completing her 3rd 50K in 3 months!  Suzanne… YOU are my hero! I’ll be at Mountain Mist on Saturday cheering you on.  I’ll be the chick at the top of the mountain waiting to hand you a cold beer! Afterall, they don’t call me Rockstar for nothing! 😉

 This week I am looking forward to making it to TRX again on Wednesday.  That means I am also looking forward to being very sore again by the end of the week!  I also bought 5 mat sessions for $25 with Yoga by Mitzi on  If you haven’t signed up for emails you should!  Mitzi is fabulous and offers a variety of Yoga classes in Huntsville.  I have been to her Align and Wine class at the Huntsville Museum of Art, which is held on Thursday evenings.  For a small donation we head to Pane e Vino afterwards for  delicious appetizers and wine!  This class is the perfect combination of relaxation, strength and stability exercises, food, drink and good times!  This is seriously one of the BEST Yoga classes I have taken in Huntsville and I highly recommend it.  All that to say I am looking forward to getting some of Mitzi’s classes on my schedule this week.  I am also looking forward to NOT running on the treadmill! 2011 is a fabulous year so far and I looking forward to the amazing opportunities and experiences that lie ahead!  2011, BRING IT.  I’m ready…

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