The (training) week (plus) in review by Dustin

Hopefully you’ve been hitting up the road and trails since most of the snow has melted.  Florida and Hawaii were the only states that didn’t get snow, right?  Crazy.  Here’s what’s been goin’ down lately:

35 mile road ride (snow, 29 moh gusts, 40* temp before w/chill) Saturday, Jan. 8

35 mile road ride (35* = my coldest road ride. ever.) and 6 mile slow run (with Care and Tsali), Sunday

30 minutes of HIT (trainer), Monday

Off, Tuesday

40 minutes of HIT (trainer), Wednesday

5 mile maintenance run, Thursday

Off, Friday

Off, Saturday

4 mile maintenance run and 30 minutes of HIT (trainer), Sunday

3 mile tempo run, Monday

Also, thanks Delaine for forwarding information on David’s U learn 2 run program.  David is an accomplished runner who has been at it for 30 years now.  If I can find some time, I’d like to check his program out.

We were in CLT this weekend to finally have Christmas w/ Care’s parents.  While I won’t bore you by mentioning all the presents, we are now proud owners of a yuppie yellow (as Jim called it)  BOB running stroller for when “it” gets here and my TCR now has a new chain (Ultegra 6700 with obvious before and after shots) 

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One Response to The (training) week (plus) in review by Dustin

  1. Luke says:

    I think I rope the same weekend. I remember that wind.

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