Manic Monday (oh, that was yesterday, ugh) by dustin


So the week from hell is over.  3 12-hour days at work last week, with one being a Friday (!) had me pretty zoned out for the weekend.  Here’s the info for the last few days:

Friday: 3-mile race pace run (low 7s)

Saturday: slow 5-mile run

Sunday: Planned to get 50 miles of road riding in (15 solo and then meet up with C4 for 35) but noticed that my chain had WAY too many links on it.  Soooo, back to the house and fix that.  Ended up doing 45 minutes of crazy, intense churning on the trainer.   Oh, and I renewed my USA Cycling license. 

Monday: 5-mile run

Tuesday: Intense 40-minute trainer session.

So, the bad news is that the first Greenville race is in less than 3 weeks and I haven’t been pedaling as much as I’d like.  Wait, you say, you’re doing a ROAD bike race in February?  Yes, while most people haven’t even ridden their bikes since late last Fall, I’ll in fact be racing in February, albeit towards the end of the month.  Will I care about my results?  Umm, why else would I race?  But yeah, common sense says that I’ll be doing damn good to get a mid-to back-of-the-pack finish.

The hardest thing about this time of the year for me in training is not pushing it too hard.  I don’t want to burn out in, like, March or something.  Who does?  It looks like Care will let me do ORAMM this year and that’s a looooong way off.  Needless to say, I’m looking past Uwharrie in March for peaking and thinking more like Rock Hill in April and hold a peak for a couple months.  Hey, I can dream…

Btw, Biz Park on Thursday!

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