Race Week! by dustin

The Greenville road race is Saturday around 1 pm.  A few of us will be there and hopefully, if all goes well, we’ll bring back some medals/cash.

How my training has been going: Good, with maybe a bit too much running.  Also, I’m done with lightweight trainers.  My Adidas have pounded my shins for too long.  Recovery time is way longer than it should be, and a couple of ounces of padding makes me way more happy.  Plus, since no distance races are in my immediate future, I’m relegating them to race shoe duty.

Care is doing really well in training.  She was busy with mid-terms this weekend, but got 4 miles in on Friday and 6.5 in on Saturday.

Thursday: 45 minutes, trainer

Friday: 4-mile run

Saturday: 6.5-mile run with Care and Tsali; 7-mile mountain bike ride at Sherman Branch (felt wasted after this day)

Sunday: 36 mile road ride.  Hung with Gary and John for half the ride, then limped home.  18.1 mph average


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