Corporate Cup Half Marathon (Dustin and Care)

This was Care’s goal race while being pregnant.  Early on, she had planned to run a full marathon, but her lack of energy and no marathons close by nixed that idea.  So, we signed up for this 1/2 mary that travels through uptown Charlotte a couple months ago.  We knew it would be a hilly course (what isn’t in CLT except for the Runway 5k?), but decided Care could just wear a heart rate monitor and walk some of the hills.

There were over 700 people there for the race, which included a 5k option as well as a half-marathon relay.  The weather was absolutely perfect, meaning no clouds and temps in the 50s.  For the record, Care says the course isn’t pregnancy-friendly (we only saw one porta-potty).

The course is pretty much the first half of Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon, so you get to see not only Uptown, but also multi-million dollar homes on Oak-lined streets.

We ended up finishing with an actual time of 2:30.  No chips for this race, haha.  A great time for being just over SIX (!) months pregnant.  Afterward, we ate lots at Bruegger’s in Dilworth.  Yeah….


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