Plans are just points of deviation…. (By: Carrie)

So, my friend Melissa always says that plans are just points of deviation.  She is right.  I will soon be removing some of my planned races from the blog, as I have moved beyond denial and removed them from my race calendar.  On Monday March 28th I was running with some friends when I felt a crack in my left foot.  I was around mile 3 when I felt it and I stopped and limped on it for a few seconds wondering if I was going to have to stop.  The pain subsided so I finished out the run completing just under 6 miles.  I went home and iced my foot immediately and took a couple Advil.  The next morning I couldn’t even put weight on it.  I continued to ice my foot all day on Tuesday, thinking “I better take care of this so I can run my back-to-back half marathons this weekend!”  Denial.  The first stage of injury. 

On Wednesday morning I woke up and called The Orthopaedic Center to make an appointment.  They told me the next available appointment was in June!  I explained my situation and the fact that I have several races coming up and need to have an assessment on my foot.  They said “Oh, you’re a runner?  How soon can you get here?”  I started breathing again and said “20 minutes!”  My experience with TOC and Dr. Fambrough was top notch.  Great service, a caring and understanding staff, and a timely appointment.  The only thing I would have changed was the entire reason I was there in the first place!  The x-ray did not show anything, so the doctor ordered a bone scan… for tomorrow! 

At this point I wanted answers YESTERDAY!  I lost it.  Right there in the doctor’s- a full on cry baby episode!  I was scared for the outcome, denial was fading.  I did not want to move on to acceptance.  I wanted to run.  In 3 days I wanted to run the Oak Barrel Half Marathon and in 4 days the Valley of Lilies Half Marathon!  Ugh.  The doctor scheduled my bone scan for Thursday afternoon and said I could call for a preliminary reading of the results on Friday.  I  another appointment for Monday morning for the final verdict, the explanation of what I can and cannot do and for how long.  As I left the office (in tears I might add) Dr. Fambrough told me that until confirmed, my foot should be treated as having a stress fracture.  The confirmation came around noon on Friday when I received a call from TOC.  Acute stress fracture in 2nd metatarsal of my left foot.  Goodbye to my weekend of half marathons and goodbye to my marathon 4 weeks later… and might as well say goodbye to my Muncie 70.3 while I’m at it.  Though it took another week or so before I decided to pull the plug on that one! 

I spent the weekend cheering on my friends at Oak Barrel, then I made the 5 hour drive to Cullowhee, NC to hang out with Dustin and cheer him on in the inaugural race hosted by his alma mater!  You would think I would have been depressed not being able to race, but really I had a BLAST!  I was so happy to see Melissa race her longest race since Marine Corps Marathon last fall, and watching Dustin SMASH that half marathon was amazing!!  I was able to see him about every 2 miles along the course.  I had so much fun! 

So, all in all I cancelled the two half marys, the Flying Pig marathon, a sprint duathlon and Ironman Muncie 70.3.  The first week was the most difficult time for me.  First of all not knowing for several days what the verdict would be, then accepting the fact that change was about to shake up my world.  So far it has been 3 weeks since I have run and I have 2 weeks to go until my next check up with the doctor.  In many ways it feels like I have not run in FOREVER!  I do feel lucky that I was only sentenced with 5 weeks instead of the 6-8 week standard.  It could always be worse, but let’s just hope that I get the “all clear” in 2 weeks!  Lucky for me I have been able to swim, bike, kayak and aqua jog.  Yep, I said it.  AQUA JOG!! More on aqua jogging to come.  It’s not just for little old ladies anymore… I am determined to make it COOL! 🙂  Meanwhile, I got a new Scott Plasma and it is definitely cool!  Well, at least I think so! It definitely gives me something to look forward to until I can run again!  Now, if only the weather would cooperate! 

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