Cleared to run!

I finally got cleared to run on Tuesday, 5 weeks and 1 day since the unfortunate injury.  My current plan is no more than 2 miles for the next 2 weeks then increase mileage slowly.  My doctor did not limit me to a certain number of running days per week, but I plan to adopt my regular 3 days per week.  I ran for the first time Tuesday evening after work.  One mile, walk a little bit, another mile… felt great!  I did the same on Thursday at the Cinco de Mayo Run.  I ran the first mile with one of my Dixie Daredevil teammates, Regena.  I turned around after that mile and walked a little and finished the second mile.  Today I finished a 43 mile bike ride and then ran a mile. So far so good! 

I ordered a new pair of Newton’s at Fleet Feet Huntsville as soon as I left the doctor.  I have been running roads in my Newton trail runners until my new road shoes come in.  Tomorrow I will run 2 miles and Wednesday I hope to do another brick.  The off time went by pretty quickly actually, but I am REALLY happy to be back!

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