2011 12 hours of Tsali (dustin)

It’s over! A bittersweet statement, though. One the one hand, all my body parts are relieved. On the other hand, my big race of the year is done. No other long races for the year (at least until the fall marathon). First off, a huge shout out to my Sis who did an excellent job as pit crew and motivator.
Soooo, as a lot of you know, I raced for 12 hours at Tsali. The race started at 11 am, which was a great time, as I didn’t have to wake up before the sun came up to get ready. We all went off running up County Line Road as soon as the air horn blared. As it was to be a long day, I chose to jog. Shortly after getting on the bike, I realized I was climbing much more than I expected. Then it got more steep. Then there was another climb. In all, the climb lasted about 12-14 minutes. Then there was some fast downhill single track, followed by rollercoaster singletrack. Then I realized I had to pedal up those usually fun whoop-de-do (if you ride Tsali the “correct” way) climbs. Good GOD, that was tough. And then around 8.5 miles in there was the rocky ascent (usually the descent around mile 2 if going the “correct” direction). Then the single track turned to flowy, epic, perfectly classic Tsali trail . Multiply that by 10 (laps). A couple laps in, I learned the laps were more than 10 miles, closer to 11. I wasn’t too happy about that.
I’ll jot down nutrition/water intakes in a couple days. Thanks, Sis for keeping up with that. For now, a rough estimate of what I took in: 350 ounces of water, perpetuem and cytomax, 30 endurolytes, 3 advil, 5 tylenol, 1/4 pound of salami, 15 combos, 1 pepsi, 1 orange, 5 mini-snickers, 3 gels. The highlight of the race was meeting and riding with (for a while) Grace Ragland, who won 1st female, has had MS all her life, and is ramping up for Leadville this year! Even better, she’s from Huntsville, AL (my birthplace). Huge props to her and best of luck, as well. At the end of the day, I had ridden 107 miles (10 laps), finishing at 10:43 pm. Results at goneriding.com unfortunately have my last name listed as Miller (#49).

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One Response to 2011 12 hours of Tsali (dustin)

  1. Luke says:

    Good Job ROCK STAR!! Amazing race. I bet going the wrong way would be tough. Other than the time i rode with you near asheville, that is the first big name place I ever rode (the day we defended our thesis/internship) I remember it being fun but tough the correct day. YOU ROCK!! i’ve been thinking about doign the burn 24 just for funsies.

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