Mach Tenn Triathlon Relay Recap

Well it’s a little late for a recap on the Mach Tenn triathlon relay I raced in a week and a half ago.  I figure it’s not too late because I haven’t had another race since Mach Tenn… yet!  I will race again on Saturday at the Monster Triathlon in Pulaski, TN.  Monster, which is a sprint tri,  will be my first running race since the stress fracture.  I am REALLY looking forward to it!  I haven’t done any speed work, so the run is pretty much just left up to the triathlon gods.  We’ll see what they have for me on Saturday!  Either way, I’ll just roll with it.

I ended up doing the swim portion for the relay team at Mach Tenn, after planning to race the bike leg.  Long story…  Embarrassingly I did not swim for a solid week before the race with the exception of a chilled out 1500 yard swim the Friday before.  Nonetheless I had a pretty solid swim and even surprised myself!  I didn’t really know what to expect time wise, especially with the swim being in open water.  I find that I am usually slower in open water than in the pool.  Compared to my age group, my swim time would have been third!  Granted I was not doing the bike or run so that comparison is somewhat skewed, but I was still pleased!

I definitely want to race Mach Tenn again next year!  It was a very well managed event that drew a really fun, energetic group of triathletes.  Team Rocket Tri Club was very well represented and fun times were had by all!  Now let’s do the same at Monster this weekend!  I love tri season…

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