Monster Sprint Triathlon 2011 Pulaski, TN

Today was my first individual triathlon of 2011 and it was definitely a memorable one! Since the stress fracture I have either swam or biked in relay teams. The Monster Triathlon in Pulaski, TN is put on by Race Director Scott Landis and his amazing crew of volunteers. The money raised from the event goes to the Deanna Glossup Foundation, which helps children and their families fight cancer. Check out their website at

The distances for the Monster Sprint were 200 yard pool swim,  11.2 miles through hilly backcountry roads and a 2.9 mile run through Sam Davis stadium and the Historic Heritage Trail. The swim starts were spaced about 7-8 seconds apart, with one athlete entering the pool at a time. The wait time made the swim MUCH more enjoyable than last years human washing machine feel! The bike course was cut short this year due to road construction issues. Though “monster hill” was eliminated this year, the bike course was STILL a killer! Luckily the downhill made the uphill worth the effort! It is most definitely not considered a flat and fast course, by any stretch. The run was pleasant, as it stayed off of all major roads and was nicely shaded a good bit of the time.

I had a pretty good 200 yd swim (3:45) and didn’t get passed in the pool. My T1 was decent at :51, though I think if I were more focused I could have been faster. My bike average was 19.7, and pulling that off was no easy feat! My climbs were SLOW. My T2 was pretty horrible at 1:07! I put my socks on and had tied my shoes loosely before the race started because I realized I didn’t have my tri laces in my new shoes. That ended up a disaster, as I had to stop at the beginning of the run and untie my laces and tie them again! Lesson learned. Also I grabbed my race belt only to find that the belt strap was not fed through the buckle so it wouldn’t snap together! I had to mess with that on the run as well. In addition, I was holding my silly water bottle that I really didn’t need in a 2.9 mile run AND I was fidgeting around with my Garmin trying to get it on my wrist. I was all over the board on run pacing, but ended up with an 8:13 pace. I have definitely had better T2/run days, but all in all it was a great race!

I ended up placing 3rd overall female, which bumped me up from 1st in my age group!! I couldn’t believe it! It was a really great day for racing and a great post injury comeback for me! Maybe it was the lucky ROCKSTAR “tatoo” Rick put on my calf during body marking?!  It was definitely a good day!  Either way, it’s time to celebrate!! I’m headed to the Team Rocket Tri Club pool party to celebrate my accomplishment and everyone else’s who rocked the Monster tri, or some other awesome event this morning! I LOVE tri season!!!

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2 Responses to Monster Sprint Triathlon 2011 Pulaski, TN

  1. Dana says:

    Fantastic job Carrie!! Great race!!

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