Update! by dustin

So…..it has been awhile since my last post, like decades or something. Our baby daughter Kila is now 2 months old and Care will be going back to work in a few weeks. Care is doing great with training. While on vacation she was able to run every day except one, and worked up to a 9-mile long run. She has been running while pushing Kila in a stroller every day here lately. No doubt someone will question running with her in a stroller already. We tried doing this in the house while on vacation with the Chicco car seat docked in the Chicco stroller w/ the head insert in place and noticed her head didn’t move around. So, we’re being careful and sticking to greenways for now, but what a relief that we can all go run together.
This past Sunday we went out for 8 with her on the Mallard Creek greenway near UNCC. By the way, there will be an ultra run held in February there this year. Thanks, Theoden for letting me know about it.
As far as training for me, I have been concentrating on getting ready for the ridge to bridge marathon in Morganton on Oct. 22., so riding has been limited to a few short mountain bike rides. And, the 3Wilsons have decided to do a 50k in early 2012. I think we’ve decided on the Holiday Lake 50k++ in Virgina, If anyone knows much about it, let us know!

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