Are we ready for this?

Our first attempt at the 50k distance (Black Warrior in AL) didn’t go so well. On that day, we decided to run the Sweet H20 50k in Atlanta. It filled up a week before we intended to register. So, we have made up our own 50k! We’ll be combining Thompson and Mouse Branch Loops in the Tsali Recreation Area near Bryson City, NC plus a few parking lot miles for our own fat-ass 50k on April 21.

Training has consisted of short runs and a few bike rides, with the Charleston Marathon in January being our last long run. But, we have faith. We’ll knock it out…eventually!

Also, if you know of anyone looking for a great home in the north Charlotte area, please check out the link below. It’s our house, and it is an outstanding one!

If you haven’t heard, huge props to our friend Suzanne Erickson, who just ran 100 miles at the Umstead 100 a couple weeks ago!!

And, to keep me motivated, here are my stats, year to date. Hoping to beef that cycling number up soon:
Running: 111.6 miles
Cycling: 261.8 miles

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One Response to Are we ready for this?

  1. Looking forward to the Wilson Family Fat Ass 50K! Fun times for the 3 Musketeers! The sad thing is I have 353 running miles and 578 biking miles and 24 swimming miles this year and you guys will still be tough to keep up with! It we be fun though, and there will be plenty of aid station treats to chase! Travel safely! Can’t wait to see you guys!

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